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    p0ire ManCity Fan
    Dj Coone - Jumpstyle vibes
    p0ire, 28 Octobre 2006
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    StarflaM Elite
    Heiko & Maiko - Techno Rock (grooooose bombe électro)

    Fairmont - Gazebo (très mental "à la border community", happy et dark à la fois) :love: :love: :gne:
    StarflaM, 28 Octobre 2006
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    _gilles Elite
    Il y a du bon comme du mauvais, et ce dans tout les styles, que ca soit "fashionnisé" ou pas ;)
    _gilles, 29 Octobre 2006
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    La Poubelle Elite
    Ouaip, mais ils sont lourd à détruire un style ... La mode serait chantal goya, il enfilerait une perruque de grand mere :D

    La critique est plus destiné aux moutons qu'au DJ qui n'avaient aucun commentaires, à part des désagréables, quand ils ont présenté ce style alors que la mode était au début du déclin du Hardcore et de l'essor de l'electro. ;)
    La Poubelle, 29 Octobre 2006
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    StarflaM Elite
    Désolez de revenir dessus mais qu'en pensez vous ? A forcer de la réécouter j'en ai les poils qui s'hérissent une mélancolie (relative) qui me submerge. Je n'avais plus connu ça depuis "Sky was pink" ... c'est pour dire

    J'adore :)


    Le mieux, évidemment, est de l'apprécier dans son intégralité ... un vrai bonheur. L'extrait n'est pas super représentatif.
    StarflaM, 29 Octobre 2006
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    elliot Elite
    De toute facon tout n'est qu'une mode la trance a été aussi a la mode de 95 a 2000 et y a eu la période du jump et du hardstyle ....

    ET c'est vrai pour moi y a pas mal de bouse en minimal mais en cherchant bien y a des tracks de qualité comme pour type de style est pour moi c'est vrmt un genre super rechercher .

    Style de peteux je vosi vrmt pas ou tu va chercher ca et je critique vraiment aucun style parce que jadore vrmt tout les style de music electronique . sa va de la trance a la funky house en passant par l'electro la techno detroit et la minmal .

    ET juste un trucs écoute els morceau que j'ai mis tu verra que la minimal c'est pas du n'importe quoi
    elliot, 29 Octobre 2006
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    Sim* Border Community
    Il a fait qlqs bonne musique qd mm:love:

    Fairmont - Gazebo (Anthony Rother Rmx)
    Fairmont - Gazelle
    Fairmont - I want to see the sun come up
    Fairmont - Last Words
    Fairmont - Lets stay young forever
    Fairmont - Walk to the water
    sinon en remix
    Patrick Chardronnet - Eve By Day (Fairmont Mix)
    Marc Romboy - Model 1601 (Fairmont remix)

    si tu sais trouver ses sets sur internet jte conseille " Live PA @ Rote Sonne, Munich - 07Apr06" et " Live @ Full Spectrum & Planet Rose, Doornroosje 12-03-2006"
    ils sont :love::love:
    Sim*, 29 Octobre 2006
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    _gilles Elite
    Il voulait juste dire que ca devient hype. Et la hype c'est pas spécialement très underground :-D .
    _gilles, 29 Octobre 2006
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    kurtounN Touriste
    mouai, mais bon remarque tout les titres qu'il a cité sont vraiment des bon track, et on peut appeler ca comme on veut, mais moi j'apelle pas vraiment ca de la minimal, ou alors faut savoir nuencer aussi... ces titres la sont quand meme bien dansant, ca peut remonté un dancefloor sans probléme ! or la pure minimal (pour ma part...) c'est vraiment pas dancefloor...
    kurtounN, 31 Octobre 2006
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    elliot Elite
    Je sais tres bien mais c'est classé dans tout les site de vente de disque comme étant de la minimal techouse ben voila c'est ca tt facon le genre on s'en fou du moment que la music est bien
    elliot, 31 Octobre 2006
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    La Poubelle Elite
    La Poubelle, 31 Octobre 2006
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    Elian Techno Mofo
    Equipe GamerZ.be
    when techno meets hiphop

    Dj godfather en plein amusement. Une polaque toute les 30-40 sec, pleisn d'pass-pass et autres amusements :)

    Le dernier pass pass est fabuleux, garde le beat en marquage alors qu'il recoupe en 1/4, djeu qué béééét!
    Elian, 1 Novembre 2006
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    La Poubelle Elite
    Il vient quand en Belgique ? :D
    La Poubelle, 1 Novembre 2006
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    Elian Techno Mofo
    Equipe GamerZ.be
    Il passe le 10 novembre au Vooruit à Gand pour la soirée Elektron.

    10/11/06 Elektron @ Vooruit with Dj Godfather


    Elektron : Friday, November 10th 2006

    @ Vooruit, St. Pietersnieuwstraat , Gent

    Line-up :

    Godfather (Databass, D.E.T. Only, Twilight 76, Detroit, USA)

    Kr!z vs. Technetic (Exclusive booty set)

    Spacid (Body to Body, Retro Acid)

    Latomski (Ghentto Blaster, Playtime, Ghentto-tech.be)

    Price : 10,00 Euro presale ; 12,50 Door

    From : 23h. till 6h.

    More info : http://www.kozzmozz.com

    Concept :

    For people into pure electro and booty bass, Elektron is definitely the place to be. Kozzmozz's Elektron parties bring you cyborg electronics and robot dance music.

    A place where you can satisfy your 808 bass needs and do some time-traveling, as electro is still the future of the past of electronic dance music.

    Previous editions of Elektron saw the crowds going wild on the sounds of various famous electro acts ( Anthony Rother, Steffi vs. Dexter, Cosmic Force, DMX crew, DJ Assault, Novamen, Aux 88 LIVE, Bass Junkie, Dynamix II, Radio Active man, Dj Dijital, The dexorcist ... ) who rocked and fueled the dance-floor.

    If you're looking for a healthy fix of booty bass, miami bass and electro, Elektron will certainly deliver the goods for you and make you experience the perfect harmony between man and machine.

    Beware all ya pimps and hoes out there, you might overload from all this power !

    The power will this time be delivered by the one and only Godfather from Detroit, the man behind the legendary Databass and Twilight 76 labels. He will be joined by Kr!z who will be doing a versus set with Technetic in which he will demonstrate his famous skills in a special booty set ! And also Spacid will bring his favorite booty bass tunes ! And off course, we’ve also picked an up and coming talent with Latomski , a Ghent based hip hop / booty bass talent known from Ghento Blaster parties !

    Artists :


    DJ Godfather is a model for success on your own terms. Having been involved with music since his high school years, he's developed into one of Detroit's leading performance DJ's, able to hold a crowd on the floor with his infectious music at the same time blowing their minds with his unparalleled DJ skills. Not content to make jaws drop just by spinning records, he's been producing records for over ten years.

    Back in 1996 there was a frontier spirit in Detroit. The Techno thing had been done to death, or the artists were so focused on Europe that Detroit was left behind. What was left was all the music that was dirty and funky, all the children of when Electronic Music breeds with Hip Hop: Electro, Jungle, Ghetto House, Miami Bass.

    Out of this eclectic mix DJ Godfather and DJ Assault almost single handedly turned this sound into a new open minded style, practically inventing Ghetto-Tech with their respective labels and DJ styles. With his label, Twilight 76, (co owned with DJ Dickand Throw's Brian Gillespie) DJ Godfather took this music that was ubiquitous on Detroit mix shows and forged it into production style that defines the Ghetto-Tech sound, making him one of the first artists in Detroit to make records specifically for this crowd. There is no doubt Twilight 76 and Databass are leaders of this sound as his classic single "Player Haters in this House" and his acclaimed Detroit battle style mix CD series "The Bomb" attests.

    Ghetto Tech never really caught on outside of its home. It's as Detroit as the Tigers. And its producers do not feel that they need to domesticate it, as their home-based sales are heavy. Godfather is known to sell upwards of 15,000 copies of a record - in Detroit and Miami alone.

    Around 1997, Europe started to notice what was going on in the Motor City's Ghetto Tech scene. Distributors started buying record these records. Then came the non stop DJ gigs. Always a local sensation, his hit records took him around the world from the tropics of Puerto Rico to Sonar 99 with Ectomorph, from the grittiest of Detroit warehouses to the most glamorous clubs of London and Vienna.

    Constantly pushing his music forward, DJ Godfather has taken his love of production to the extreme by producing his Hip Hop group "Players Only" in his own state of the art 40 track studio. Furthering his music progression is his work with avant-garde Electro group Ectomorph both in the studio and as their tour DJ, proving that this man is always on the move to new territories and new sounds.

    Exert from Red Bull Music academy interview :

    When I started the label, I was only 18 and I didn't know how to shop my stuff to a different label. I said "Okay, I'm gonna do a record a month." And the next thing you know it became a full-time job and distributors were calling me from Germany wanting our records. I was just used to filling up the trunk of my car and taking them to three different record shops. If you have a successful record in this kind of music, you can make a living selling in one city alone. That's how big the music is in Detroit. It works to our advantage because every DJ buys two copies so you're selling double the records.

    Do I get artists releasing on my label who are outside of Detroit? Just Chicago really, on Databass at least. On our Twilight 76 label, we've got a few people from Germany like Mas 2008. Our Electro is a little bit different. I actually have two separate labels just for distribution purposes. Some distributors only pick up on our Electro, like down in Florida.

    The most important thing to me right now is getting this music worldwide. It's been hidden in Detroit for the last 10, 15 years. People think when they go to Detroit it's Techno city, when it's not. If you have a good Ghetto Tech record, you sell 1,000 to 15,000 copies of that record in Detroit alone for the first six months. That's how big the demand is, and that's just three record shops.

    Playa haters watch out, booty’s beware as DJ Godfather is here once again to drop the freshest electro / getto tech there is.
    Fast and furious, cutting and scratching, vinyl flying through the air behind the decks, Godfather doesn’t keep still while DJing. He lives and breathes this ghetto style of electro.

    More info : http://www.djgodfather.com


    Spacid is a well-respected dj in Belgium as well as abroad. Apart from being a Body to Body resident, he's also the founder of the Funky Green Aliens, a Ghent-based organization aiming to promote groundbreaking and experimental music.

    Innovation and progress are the essence of his music addiction. It's this attitude that got him hooked on nu-skool electro already back in 1997. From then on, he's been a resident at Belgium's biggest electro parties.

    He currently runs the Radius label. Radius is a subsidiary label of NEWS, celebrating Italo-Disco, both classic and current. Radius digs for the influences of the modern electro disco hype, seeking to prove that the music of 20 years ago still can sound very modern, and that dance music not only found it's origin in Detroit.

    Spacid plays different styles of music, but at this party you can expect some pure electrifying Booty bass & Ghetto tech !

    More info : http://www.radiusrecords.be


    Kr!z story with electronic music started in 1997 after walking the many genres of music. He didn't need much time to feel the heat of the vibe: a comparison between his heartbeat and the one of energetic electronic music.

    He earned spots on the main events in Belgium: he got invited by Kozzmozz (7th, 10th and now 11th anniversary) & Fuse , where he still plays on regular basis.

    More was to come since he played all of Belgium major techno clubs ? A demo of this solid pumping sound was picked up by the national radio show 'Switch' whom offered him a spot in the new talents room of I Love Techno.

    The last 2 years his dj-schedule gets him all around Belgium while he also plays gigs across the borders in France and the Netherlands.

    For this occasion only he will perform an exclusive booty set and this with his booty-partner in crime Technetic.

    More info : www.kriz.be


    Technetic his love story with the ghetto scene starts when he's 18 years old. It only took one record to get hooked to the sound, with admiration for ghetto house legends like DJ Funk, Deeon, Slugo, Lemo..

    His style can be described as pure Ghetto brought to you in a very 'Technetic' way: jugglin' & scratchin' like one of the best. These days Technetic is trying to find his own way in the scene following a new style coming straight from Chicago: Juke music. This style is fresh and growing rapidly while dj's like Rashad, Spin, Gant-Man & Roc are pushing the boundaries.

    Technetic already performed next to Nessbeth, Mister Ries, Audioperverter, Gab Gato, just to name a few. At this very moment he's also producing his very first own booty tracks, with a wish to contribute quality to the scene for many many years.

    More info : www.booty.be and www.ghentto-tech.be


    Latomski started spinning when just turned 18. At first techno, but soon his interests also went out to other music styles such as ghetto, drum ‘n’ bass and even Goa. After three years mixing ghetto at home and throwing some drum ‘n’ bass and goa party's in Ghent he decided to start specializing in ghetto.

    In September 2005 Ghentto tech was founded. Now Funky Flesh and Latomski organize the Ghentto Blaster party's in Ghent.

    His style can be described as eclectical ghetto . Because of his background of many different music styles you can find anything in his sets. He is not afraid putting hip hop, reggae, r'n b, elektro, drum'n bass and all kinds of weird things in his sets. He finds that is the true ghetto sound.

    You can book Latomski for ghetto/booty sets ( which he will play here ), as well as old skool hip hop party sets. Latomski stood behind the decks with artists like Mr Ries, Gab.Gato, Nessbeth, Audiopervert, Spacid, .

    More info : www.ghentto-tech.be
    Elian, 1 Novembre 2006
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    sulli_ Elite

    sulli_, 2 Novembre 2006
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    kurtounN Touriste
    Rolala quel technique, quel rapiditée, qu'elle justesse ! franchement fort, trés fort ! j'irai surement le voir au vooruit le 10 tien !

    Clair qu'il assure :eek:

    Il a participé a un des morcaux de Technasia sur Popsoda : Ghett-O-FreaK.
    kurtounN, 2 Novembre 2006
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    StarflaM Elite
    honteusement copié de mon blog (voir sign)

    [48fm.com (webradio)] Techno ce soir

    Rendez vous hedbomadaire ce vendredi soir à 22h pour la quatrième émission maintenant.

    Au menu un set qui passera de la techno plus ou moins traditionnelle pour passer tout doucement à de la techno de plus en plus grasse pour passer sur de l'hardtech encore assez gentille mais bien poussante et terminer sur une touche tribal.

    N'hésitez pas à tappoter du pied comme j'ai souvent l'art de dire héhé.

    petit clic sur l'image pour lancer l'écoute ^

    Je peux déja vous annoncer la couleur de la semaine prochaine : un set electro / electrohouse très groovante 100% energique. (Un peu comme le set d'il y a deux semaines)

    Enjoillez les amis.

    Rediff lundi 23H59
    StarflaM, 3 Novembre 2006
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    pipet ca s'passe
    Pour ce qui est d'un mix qui met en scène deux style musiquaux, j'ai été très décu hier du set de Leeroy Tornhill...
    Sinon Tom barman, impréssionant !
    pipet, 5 Novembre 2006
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    _gilles Elite
    Tu parles de technique ou de sélection ?
    _gilles, 6 Novembre 2006
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    kook still pro

    fonzerelli - moonlight party
    eric prydz vs innercity - summer edit 2006
    no dolls - nothing like the original
    tom de neef - abode
    zoo brazil - a walk right back
    d-nox & beckers - jetlag slave
    jam - just be yourself (basto dub mix)
    ricky l - born again (pastaboys remix)
    christopher phonk - why dont love me
    damien strong - sunrise at pinkville


    andrea mattioli & gabriel c - come to me
    beckers - switch
    heiko & maiko - techno rock (elektro mix)
    ferry corsten - watch out (dirty south remix)
    kiko & lisa evans - bipolair (jozeph armani remix)
    les rythmes digitales - jacques your body (switch remix)
    oliver klein - jeton


    kollektive turmstrasse - melodrama
    groove rebels - la nuit magique
    stephan bodzin - kerosene
    booka shade - darko (bookas funk da funk mix)
    markus lange - ruhestoerung plattenbau (oxia remix)
    margot - autunno (original pepe remix)

    coup de coeur(promo):

    bebe brown vs phunk investation - dark beats (elektra club mix)
    federico franchi - cream
    the formbreaker - the frombreaker
    michael forzza - high on this
    michael forzza - tenor and the monkey

    voila quelques titres que j'écoute pour le moment..
    extrait sur decks.de ou juno.co.uk
    kook, 6 Novembre 2006