vous vous sentez seul ? cleverbot est la

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    brieuc1 Touriste
    do you smoke weed?
    no, because I don't need my mind explding
    do you like smoking weed?

    brieuc1, 11 Septembre 2012
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    brieuc1 Touriste
    1+1= ?
    2+2= ?
    22+22= ?
    brieuc1, 11 Septembre 2012
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    [IrishSetter] /// LADA
    C'est franchement à chier :D
    [IrishSetter], 11 Septembre 2012
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    horny Elite
    bot : I'm making a note here.
    me : Huge success.
    bot : It's hard to overstate.
    me : My satisfaction.
    bot : Who are you?

    erf c'était bien parti :-(

    next try :p

    User: This was a triumph.

    Cleverbot: I'm making a note here, huge success.

    User: It's hard to overstate my satisfaction.

    Cleverbot: Aperture Science.

    User: We do what we must.

    Cleverbot: Because we can.

    User: For the good of all of us.

    Cleverbot: Except the ones who are dead.

    User: But there's no sense crying over every mistake.

    Cleverbot: You just keep on trying till you run out of cake.

    User: And the Science gets done.

    Cleverbot: And you make a neat gun.

    User: For the people who are still alive.

    Cleverbot: Did We Just Do This?
    horny, 11 Septembre 2012
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    Gen.Snake String theory
    Bot : I'm a human
    Me : I don't trust you
    Bot : You're right not to trust me. The last person who did is dead
    Me : You want to kill me?
    Bot : Yes

    WTF? :cool:
    Il était plus sympathique avant :p
    Gen.Snake, 11 Septembre 2012
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    Ofing Elite
    User: Tu m'aimes ?
    Bot: Non.
    User: Pourquoi ?
    Bot: J'ai pas.
    User: De ?
    Bot: De France.

    Ofing, 11 Septembre 2012
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    Ir0Kwa Havin' a dream
    User : Luck skywalker.
    Bot : I'm your father.
    Bot : Join me, and together we shall rule the galaxy.
    User : I'll never join you!
    Bot : I have cookies!
    Ir0Kwa, 11 Septembre 2012
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    vegeta Fais tes prières !
    User: What's your name ?

    Cleverbot: Why do you want to know?

    User: Because the website says that your name is Cleverbot and you are telling me that you are not Cleverbot.
    So I want to know who I'm talking to.

    Cleverbot: I'll tell you my name if you tell me yours.

    User: My name is *****.

    Cleverbot: Are you kidding me?

    User: Maybe.

    Cleverbot: Oh, I'm Light Yagami.

    User: Ok my name is Vegeta.

    Cleverbot: So, what is my name?

    User: Light Yagamu.

    Cleverbot: That's right!

    User: XD.

    Cleverbot: John Wilkes Booth shot Abraham Lincoln.
    vegeta, 11 Septembre 2012
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    golog Serie Addict!
    Well that escalated quickly !
    golog, 11 Septembre 2012
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    hitm4n 8==> - -- --- -----
    ça me rappel Dr. Sbaitso sous Dos.. epic
    hitm4n, 11 Septembre 2012
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    Ch4zyx Elite
    me: do you want to kill the president of the united states of america?
    clever: yes !
    me: why?
    clever: because.
    me: because of what?
    clever: because !
    me: because isn't a answer !
    clever: yes it is.
    me: i don't think so...
    clever: why not?
    me: because it's not a choice.
    clever: It's the nicest thing I ever said.

    XD :-D
    Ch4zyx, 11 Septembre 2012
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    Ren0 Elite
    User: I threw a wish in the well.

    Cleverbot: Don't ask me I'll never tell.

    User: I looked to you as it fell.

    Cleverbot: And now you're in my way.

    User: I'd trade my soul for a wish.

    Cleverbot: Pennies and dimes for a kiss.

    User: I wasn't looking for this.

    Cleverbot: But now you're in my way.

    User: Your stare was holdin'.

    Cleverbot: Ripped jeans, skin was showing.

    User: Hot night, wind was blowin'.

    Cleverbot: Where you think you're going, baby?

    User: Hey, I just met you.

    Cleverbot: Okay this is going to be boring but I have to tell you something.

    User: What.

    Cleverbot: 1.

    User: 1?

    Cleverbot: Then 2.

    pff Call me maybe.. c'était bien parti :p
    Ren0, 11 Septembre 2012
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    kronoss sujet à droite -->
    -Do you speak french ?
    -No I don't.
    -Learn it.
    -I know deutsch.
    -Speak deutsch.
    -I don't speak deutsch.
    kronoss, 12 Septembre 2012
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    mazzarel Elite
    - Quoi de neuf?
    - Rien et toi.
    - Tu pues.
    - Oui toi aussi.

    ...l'enfoiré !
    mazzarel, 12 Septembre 2012
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    ailless Asimov, Sagan, Carlin, Hitchens
    Heureusement que t'as edite la conversation obtenue avec Cleverbot car

    I know deutsch
    Speak dutch
    I don't speak dutch

    C'etait moyen.
    ailless, 12 Septembre 2012
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    kronoss sujet à droite -->
    Je viens de me rendre compte de ma bourde :p
    kronoss, 12 Septembre 2012
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    axel91 Branlomane végétatif
    I've sent you a message in a bottle.
    And I have sent yours.
    Don't you know Police ?
    No. Who are you?
    Police is a music band... from england.
    Why are police officers surrounding my location?

    epic :D
    axel91, 12 Septembre 2012
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    eGm_ Guinea Trump
    On peut l'ajouter comme ami facebook pour qu'il poste des messages sur mon mur ?

    eGm_, 12 Septembre 2012
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    WriterZ OKLM avec mes poulettes
    Tu aime la sodomie ?
    Moi aussi.
    Bon ben salut alors...
    WriterZ, 12 Septembre 2012
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    Nikolas Cscup
    Mouhahah j adore
    Nikolas, 15 Septembre 2012