#WWDC 2009 Live - New MAC, New Iphone, and co

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    GUMBAL 1337
    Video streaming: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/wwdc-2009-live-stream
    Live update: http://www.macrumorslive.com/

    etc..etc.. (cfr, link macrumorslive)

    10:28 am Stacks handle lots of content better -- scrolling, drilling into folders. Finder lets you magnify thumbnails on the fly, similar to iPhoto. Can step through multi-page documents and play videos right through Finder.
    10:27 am Craig Federighi, VP of Mac OS Engineering is on stage for the demo. He is going to cover three areas -- starting with Dock and the finder.
    10:27 am Quicktime player has a brand new interface -- the content is the focus, not the application. Now demoing Snow Leopard.
    10:26 am Safari is 7.8X faster at JavaScript than IE8 (Chrome is only 5X faster). Passes Acid3 test; IE8 only gets 21%. Safari 4 is included with Snow Leopard -- with some added features. Crash resistance (sandboxes plugins), 50% faster JS thanks to 64-bit, new and faster Quicktime (hardware accelerated, new streaming method that works with any webserver).
    10:23 am Mail is up to 2.3X faster. Safari 4 features Top Sites -- been in beta for a couple of months -- final version is released today on all platforms (Leopard, Tiger, Windows).
    10:23 am Preview is now up to 2X faster, better text selection in PDF (using a "little bit of AI"). Better Chinese text input, just like on the iPhone -- uses the trackpad to draw characters.
    10:21 am Built Expose into the Dock. Click and hold on an app icon, and all of its open windows appear in typical Expose style. 45% faster installation of the OS. Recover over 6GB of disk space after upgrading from Leopard.
    10:21 am Refined over 90% of core OS pieces in Snow Leopard. Rewrote Finder in Cocoa, which results in lots of extra features.
    10:19 am Apple has come from a different place -- they love Leopard and wanted to build upon it. They set a challenge for themselves to build a better Leopard -- lots of refinement, powerful new technologies, and Exchange support.
    10:18 am Microsoft is trying to get out of the hole they're in with Windows 7. However, they have the same set of problems as before; registry, DLLs, defragmentation, etc. Windows 7 introduces even more complexity.
    10:17 am OS X Leopard is the best selling software Apple has ever released. Users and press love it; best OS written for vast majority of consumers. Sharp contrast to Vista.
    10:17 am Great hardware deserves great software. Bringing up Bertrand to talk about OS X.
    10:16 am All of Apple's laptops meet the EP Gold and Energy Star v5 standards. The world's greenest line of laptops.
    10:15 am Recently updated, the white plastic MacBook. Also upgrading the Air today. Prices changing to $1,499 to $1,799 -- up to 2.13GHz CPU.
    10:14 am The 13" MacBook Pro is also available today.
    10:14 am The 13" MacBook is now called a MacBook Pro. Starts at $1,199. Cheaper than the MacBook it replaces. Ranges from $1,199 to $1,499 in standard configurations.
    10:13 am At what point isn't this just a MacBook Pro? It can even expand to the same levels of RAM and HD as the MacBook Pros. The backlit keyboard is now standard in it as well. Also, FireWire 800.
    10:12 am Updating the 13" MacBook today as well. Gets the new display, SD card slot and better battery life.
    10:11 am The 17" MacBook Pro has also been updated -- 2.8GHz CPU, 500GB HD, retains ExpressCard Slot. All shipping today.
    10:11 am Standard configurations range from $1,699 to $2,229.
    10:10 am Starts at a lower price -- $1,699.
    10:09 am But there's a lot more -- fastest notebook they have ever made. Up to 3.06 Dual Core CPU. Up to 8GB of RAM. Up to 500GB 7200RPM HD. Or, 256GB SSD.
    10:08 am The new 15" has a brand new display; nicest in any of their laptops. 60% color gamut increase. Now has a SD card slot.
    10:07 am Typical user will get 5 years of use before seeing diminished battery life. Most customers will never need to replace the battery. When it does need to be replaced, recycling options available at Apple stores.
    10:07 am New battery, lasts up to 7 hours. More eco-friendly -- gets up to 1,000 charges.
    10:06 am Customers love the unibody design. Even though Apple has a lead with the design, they want to take it further. All new 15" MacBook Pro.
    10:05 am The majority of new Mac users pick a laptop over desktop. Reviewing unibody design.
    10:05 am Bertrand Serlet and Scott Forstall will be assisting with the keynote. Beginning with the Mac.
    10:04 am In this keynote, will discuss what Apple is working on for the Mac, OS X, and iPhone.
    10:04 am 25M active OS X users in first 5 years, up until 2007. In the last two years, however, it has grown to 75M.
    10:03 am Amazing week planned; 5,200 developers at WWDC, most anticipation yet.
    10:02 am Phil Schiller has taken the stage.
    10:02 am "PC" begging the audience for ideas, offering cash.
    10:01 am The keynote has started. Showing a video of "PC" welcoming everyone to WWDC.
    10:00 am The lights have dimmed.

    9:57 am Asked to silence phones; the keynote will start in just a few minutes.
    9:50 am Seated in the main hall; awaiting the start of the keynote.
    GUMBAL, 8 Juin 2009
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    [ KL3R ] #belgium
    Les Macbook disparaissent, enfin ils deviennet Macbook Pro de 13 à 17 pouces, prix en baisse.

    Nouveau Macbook Air.

    Tous les portables auront un batterie inamovible, mais avec 2h d'autonomie en + et une durée de vie de 5 ans sans perte de performance !
    [ KL3R ], 8 Juin 2009
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    CiDoUm ListMinut.be
    J'attends avec impatience les news du nouvel iphone ! :D
    CiDoUm, 8 Juin 2009
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    pirate90 don't feed the geek
    pirate90, 8 Juin 2009
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    GUMBAL 1337

    les sites français sur le keynote servent juste à abrutir les lecteurs. Y'a aucun contenu.
    GUMBAL, 8 Juin 2009
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    [ KL3R ] #belgium
    J'ai pas vu ça pour le nouvel iPhone, y'a encore rien.
    Tu vois ça où GUMBAL ?
    [ KL3R ], 8 Juin 2009
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    GUMBAL 1337
    o O
    GUMBAL, 8 Juin 2009
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    GUMBAL 1337
    l'iphone now
    GUMBAL, 8 Juin 2009
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    GUMBAL 1337
    une 100 de features en plus sur l'OS 3.0 (certains trucs useless, d'autres plus pratique)

    des services en plus pour mobile me (genre retrouver son iphone perdu via google map), effacer à distance les données de notre iphone... etc..
    GUMBAL, 8 Juin 2009
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    GUMBAL 1337
    Nouveau Safari pour iphone HTTP audio/video streaming, HTML 5 support du javascript plus rapide.
    GUMBAL, 8 Juin 2009
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    [ KL3R ] #belgium
    On savait presque déjà tout ça !! On veut le nouvel iPhone ! :-D
    [ KL3R ], 8 Juin 2009
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    orel_ Trololo
    Ouais, ça arrive ou quoi ?
    orel_, 8 Juin 2009
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    [ KL3R ] #belgium
    Je vois bien Steve arriver avec le nouvel iPhone ! :cool:
    [ KL3R ], 8 Juin 2009
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    GUMBAL 1337
    Tomtom \o
    GUMBAL, 8 Juin 2009
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    GUMBAL 1337
    Je rigole si jamais y'a pas d'annonce de nouvel iPhone (on a déjà vu cela l'année passée hein : p)
    GUMBAL, 8 Juin 2009
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    orel_ Trololo
    orel_, 8 Juin 2009
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    GUMBAL 1337
    depuis tout à l'heure le site est down, il sera re up à la fin de la conf.
    GUMBAL, 8 Juin 2009
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    orel_ Trololo
    Oui mais ça c'est le site pour acheter l'iPhone, pas le store en général
    orel_, 8 Juin 2009
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    [ KL3R ] #belgium
    Ah voilà le nouvel iPhone !

    iPhone 3G S, 2 fois plus rapide pour tout.

    3 millions de pixels (dégouté...)
    Autofocus (encore bien) !
    Fonction vidéo 30fps VGA
    Design identique
    Mode macro automatique
    Changements mineurs dans l'interface et quelques facilites (publier des vidéos sur youtube, contrôle vocal, ...)
    [ KL3R ], 8 Juin 2009
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    GUMBAL 1337
    Pas de caméra en facade

    Niveau design, 100% identique

    7.2Mbps HSPDA

    Supports OpenGL|ES 2.

    Nouvelle caméra

    3MP auto-focus

    plus rapide

    video capture: 30FPS, VGA avec audio, auto-focus, auto-white balance, auto-exposure.
    GUMBAL, 8 Juin 2009