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    Kaman Elite
    C'est quand même bizarre, je n'ai vu personne en parler ici :eek:

    Kaman, 9 Mai 2006
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    Tavar3s Touriste


    Tavar3s, 9 Mai 2006
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    Kaman Elite
    Tu ne devrais pas déjà être en train de les regarder? :D
    Kaman, 9 Mai 2006
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    Nikolas Cscup
    La demo de Splinter cell ?? elle ne devait pas arriver aussi?
    Nikolas, 9 Mai 2006
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    Tavar3s Touriste
    Bah ca va etre la folie a téléchargé dans les minutes a venir à mon avis ! J'attends que la conférence soit fini !

    Mais quel coup de maitre !
    Tavar3s, 9 Mai 2006
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    Yachiru Touriste
    Enregistre les et met les sur le forum :p
    Yachiru, 9 Mai 2006
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    Tavar3s Touriste
    11:57: Moore moves on to the "next wave of Xbox 360 games": Jamiroquai blares, teailers: Lost Planet, Table Tennis, BIA Hell's Highway, Mass Effect, NHL 2k7, FEAR, Too Human, Viva Pinata, MotoGP 06, LOTR: BfMEII, Sonic, Madden 07, World Seris of Poker, Saint's Row, WWE Smackdown, Stranglehold, Enchanted Arms, Test Drive Unlimited, NCAA Football, Dead Rising, Dance Danc Revolution Universe, Prey, Superman returns, NBA 2k7, Crackdown, 99 Nights, and Gears of War.

    12:01: Xbox 360 logo comes up to applause. Moore says by the holidays, there will be over 160 Xbox 360. Says Madden will make next-gen debut on Xbox 360.
    Tavar3s, 9 Mai 2006
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    Tavar3s Touriste
    J'ai pas le matériel, mais Xboxyde s'en occupera certainement dans les minutes a venir :p Truc de ouf !
    Tavar3s, 9 Mai 2006
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    Tavar3s Touriste
    12:02: Formally announces Fable 2, runs trailer. Sinister woods, lady with hat with paper fortune teller thing from grade school. Fable 2 logo--name now official. Lady asks lady to show destinity. Amazing montage of fire and shadow, Xbox 360 logo comes up to enthusiastic applause. 12:04: Moore thanks Molyneux who's sitting in the front row. Molyneux smiles.

    Y a de l'ambiance apparement :D
    Tavar3s, 9 Mai 2006
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    Tavar3s Touriste
    Alan Wake & Shadowrun aussi sur le live ! Rohhhhh !
    Tavar3s, 9 Mai 2006
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    Tavar3s Touriste
    12:05: Moore announces Forza Motorsport 2. A trailer goes up--insanely intense race featuring a BMW gives way to conceptual art montage, then fades back to race. Car driving shifts to exposed view showing disasembled engine, then back to race. Superclose-up of wheel well inside crash shows red-hot brake pad buckling. Forza 2 logo comes up.

    12:06: Moore cites Forza's GameRankings score of 93 percent--then announces game will come out in this fall. And then announces first wireless steering wheel and...

    12:07: Xbox 360 Camera, Xbox Vision, announced. Xbox Vision will have interoperability with World Series of Poker, allowing players to watch each other.

    12:08: Moore introduces Sakaguchi as he talks up importance of Japan. Rolls trailer. Shows kid piloting spaceship over battlefield crawlig with cartoony robots--think Iron Giant gone bad. Blue Dragon logo comes up. Applause.
    Tavar3s, 9 Mai 2006
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    MandriLL Touriste
    QQn a un lien valide pr le live plz ???
    Gamespot foire chez moi ...
    MandriLL, 9 Mai 2006
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    Tavar3s Touriste
    12:10 Blue Dragon available in Japan this year, says Moore. Announces new title for next Tecmo game--now officially Dead or Alive Xtreme 2. Says trailer will be available later this month.

    12:11: Moore moves onto Tom Clancy games, gives Ubisoft props. Trailer for Double Agent comes up, shows Sam Fisher getting mission, Fisher losing his job to go "deep undercover," shooting dude in alleyway, then parachuting into artic base. Guard walks by, and Fisher comes up OUT OF THE SNOW and slits his throat. Guy saying "I am Sam Fisher" is NOT Michael Ironside. Release date confirmed--this September.

    12:13: Moore turns subject to Viva Pinata. Many in the audience snicker. MGS designer Jim Veevaert gets on stage to talk about game. Says the concept originated at Rare. Says goal is to turn little plot of land which will attract wild, free-roaming pinantas. Bashing those pinatas with bats to harvest their candy entrails is apparently not part of the game.

    12:18: However, accordig to Veevaert, buying and selling pinatas on Marketplace is part of the game. Players will be able to trade said pinatas and buy cusomtization features. Shows the "scary" pinata, a red "Macaracoon." Players can breed their pinatas by successfully completely a "romance dance" minigame which causes the pinatas to asexually reproduce. Those hoping for hot pinata-on-pinata action are visibly disappointed.
    Tavar3s, 9 Mai 2006
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    Inferno Sans Titre
    c'est la mort pour pomper sur le live :cry:
    Inferno, 9 Mai 2006
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    Tavar3s Touriste




    Tavar3s, 9 Mai 2006
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    Grovdar Avec un V au milieu
    Shadowrun????? Ils vont faire un jeu Sahdowrun sur xbox360???

    Répondez moi, parce que si c'est le cas, je sens que je m'en achèterai une...
    Grovdar, 9 Mai 2006
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    Tavar3s Touriste
    12:21: Moore whips out Xbox 360 HD-DVD peripheral--it looks like a mini Xbox 360 with a black front. The name is "Xbox 360 Player" and it will be available this holiday season.12:22: "Major announcement about one of greatest franchsies of all time." Says its so exciting that he has to take his shirt off. Shows Halo 2 tatto--GRAND THEFT AUTO IV tatoo on other arm. Grand Theft Auto IV October 16 to Xbox 360 ONLY.

    Tavar3s, 9 Mai 2006
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    Tavar3s Touriste

    Tavar3s, 9 Mai 2006
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    choco84 Elite
    Billou a taper fort la avec l exclu de gta :D
    choco84, 9 Mai 2006
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    haxion BBS & LBL

    haxion, 9 Mai 2006
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